Celebrating 30 years of design excellence from Ideas Factory

To acknowledge this milestone we’ve created an online quiz. We’ve gone right back to 1986 – the year Ideas Factory was founded – and dropped clues from both pop culture and the design world into our studio to help you guess the year.

Correctly guess all 5 years shown and you could win a Karlsson flip clock!

  • How to play:

  • Hover over the green dots for clues.
  • Select the correct year from the multiple choice answers at the bottom of the page.
  • There are 30 years in total with 5 randomly selected years being shown per game.
  • No cheating – Google didn’t exist in the 80s!
  • Enter your details and get started…
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Oh dear! Have you been living in the rainforest for the last 30 years? Play again for another chance to win that Karlsson clock. Five more years will be selected at random for you to guess. Go on, that phone call can wait...

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